Fitness swims

Swimming is a great way to build muscle, improve cardiovascular fitness, and burn off energy. In fact, it is one of the best total body conditioning exercise a dog can take part in! Most dogs love to swim and the mental stimulation combined with a good cardio workout will often lead to a quiet evening for the owner.  This is perfect for working, agility and show dogs to help them stay in peak condition.


NOTE - Fitness swims are for dogs without any medical conditions and / or previous injuries. Paws for a Splash provides a controlled swimming environment.


Puppy swimming

Hydrotherapy is an excellent form of exercise for young dogs.  The non-weight bearing exercise is a safe way to burn off all that excess puppy energy without the risk of damaging developing bones and joints.  In addition, the mental stimulation of a new situation provides an ideal socialisation opportunity and exposes your puppy to swimming in a completely safe environment.  We will swim puppies from the age of 4 months provided that they are fully vaccinated.


Seniors swimming

Hydrotherapy is extremely useful for the older dog, as it is non weight-bearing and will relieve stiffness, pain and the strain of old age.  A full range of motion is achieved in the pool environment, allowing joints to move freely and muscles to strengthen.  Additionally, the cardio exercise helps to keep the heart and lungs in good condition.


Please note for any of the above swims a vet referral / approval form will be required.

Hydrotherapy Pool

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